We’re writing this post from South Africa’s easternmost point. Well, a few sand dunes away to be precise. Hemmed in by Mozambique to the north and the Indian Ocean to the east, Kosi Bay is a pristine piece of wilderness, tucked away in a wild and far-flung corner of the country. For the next few months, places like Kosi will be the waypoints of our journey – the little dots along the edge of the South African map.

We’ve been scheming about driving the outline of South Africa for years. After getting married at the end of last year, we finally had the perfect excuse: our honeymoon! The seed was planted after reading The Marginal Safari by Justin Fox. He undertook a similar journey several years ago, and documented his adventure so beautifully we knew that at some point in our lives it was something we would have to do too.


Four days ago, we left Kerryn’s folks’ house in Skukuza, heading south. In 2-3 months time (basically as long as our funds last), we’ll return to Skukuza from the north, hopefully with a whole new perspective on this amazing country we call home. Though it won’t always be possible, the rough idea is to spend more time in the remote places along our country’s borders – the game parks and nature reserves, the towns and villages a little way off the tourist map.

We’ll be writing about the places we visit and the people we meet, as well as posting plenty of pictures, here and on Instagram. As we’ve already discovered, it’s tricky keeping these things up to date while on the road. But we’ll give it a good old college try.

Till the next post, here’s to adventure and the open road.

Jeff & Kerryn

DSC_4576 4-rosh-pinah


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